Building a BETTER real estate market

Faster. Smarter. Digitally connected. Because the real estate market deserves better.

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Real estate, re-invented

Accelerate your real estate business without losing control. Our companies provide services such as faster valuation, digitization of your portfolio, validation of your data and a secure exchange with your bank.

About us

Time to do things better

The BORON Valuation Group is built on decades of real estate managing experience. We know what the market wants, because we know what we want.

A FASTER real estate market

Time is money, so why keep wasting it? Property valuations that are 5 times quicker and no more time wasted on searching for old reports.

A SMARTER real estate market

Make better decisions that will improve profits. Our portal and services provide you all the insights you need. Real Estate, Real Time.

A DIGITALLY CONNECTED real estate market

All your real estate data collected and connected. We provide a secure exchange with your bank, investor and every business partner you trust.

Our companies

Great companies in real estate, even better as a group. Every company in the BORON Valuation Group helps us to build a better real estate market. Discover each company individually or contact us for an introduction to the BVG-family.

Meet our companies
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Meet our family of companies

Great real estate companies, even better as a group.


Better and faster valuation of your commercial real estate thanks to the innovative hybrid valuation model. This leads up to 5x faster valuations.


Market leader in real estate’s WOZ-valuation in The Netherlands. Reduce your taxes by evaluating and lowering your WOZ-value.


Get the most of your real estate by using Omniboxx. The most user friendly real estate management software on the market.

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Our Vacancies

Interested in joining the most innovative real-estate group in the Netherlands? Whether you are a valuator, real-estate-expert, software engineer, salesperson, or a business professional, we have something for you!

Meet the BORON Valuation Group

Real estate experience meets business innovation meets digitalization. Now it is time for you to meet us.

How we started

BORON is the private investment company of the family J.A. Fentener van Vlissingen. In addition to interests in various large and small companies, BORON actively invests in real estate in Europe and the U.S. with offices in Atlanta, London and Zeist.

They joined forces with Previcus Vastgoed, to challenge the old ways of thinking in the real estate market. Kate Innovations came on board for the digitalization and technological know-how. Together they start or acquire companies that will help the BORON Valuation Group build a better real estate market.

We are partners

We are digitally connecting the real estate market. To do that we are partnering with your important stakeholders, such as your bank, (co-)investor or accountant. In The Netherlands we already connected with all the big banks.


Get in touch

Are you ready to act faster, be smarter and get digitally connected? It’s time to choose the right partner. We are ready for you!

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